Policy Statements

health & Safety

AUJAN INTERIOR DECORATIONS LLC believe that “World Beating” organizations are those who manage their business effectively to reduce the risk of harm occurring to their employees and others affected by their operations. To this effect, we will endeavour to develop a working environment across all our operations which do not create a risk to the health, safely or welfare of our employees or others.

Our directors are committed to the principle of continuous improvement in all aspects of our business undertakings with health and safety having equal status with all other primary business objectives. As with our quality and environment policy, health and safety can only be achieved through the personal involvement of everyone in the company, which means accepting ownership for both yours, and others health and safety at all times.

Through operational teams, managers will endeavour to implement and maintain the highest possible standards of health, safety and welfare across their operations, ensuring a well trained and equipped work force.

The management of contractors will be an integral part of our safety process and they will be expected to demonstrate and provide health and safety performance that is comparable to ours. Key to our success will be the attitude of the management who will be required to organize, plan, implement maintain, monitor and review all aspects of work that is undertaken throughout their operations as identified in our management objectives policy.

Integrated within the organization is a health and safety function which will coordinate and maintain all aspects of the health and safety manual to ensure management have available at all times the necessary tools for implementing their responsibilities and for complying with all relevant health and safety legislation.

Environmental health & Safety

Various potential risks while working at affiliate sites as listed below.

1. Handling electrical equipment’s like wood cutters, grinders etc.
2. Working on the electrical equipment’s like switches, water heaters etc.
3. Handling lot of tools and chemicals Slip and trip hazards
4. Fall hazards during elevated work for cladding works
5. Exposure to dust
6. Ergonomic issues etc.
7. We ensure our employees should have basic safety knowledge of their own work.
8. Our employees who are involved in the affiliate operational activities need to attend affiliate safety induction ERP training.
9. We ensure our employees are skilled, qualified, trained and experienced to undertake the tasks that may be assigned to them.
10. The medical fitness of the employees by conducting periodic health surveillance check up by a qualified medical practitioner at a minimum frequency of two years.
11. We provide the minimum personnel protective equipment to the employees and provide training on the usage of those items.
12. We are providing additional training those who are handling the electrical equipment like Wood cutters, polishing equipment’s and cleaning the electrical appliances like switches etc.
13. Our employees who are involved in the cleaning activities trained on the handling of cleaning chemicals, hazards due to dust exposure and the potential hazard for trips and falls.
14. We are providing the product data sheet and MSDS of all the cleaning materials/chemicals.
15. Personal Protecting Equipment (PPE) for cleaning operations as recommended in MSDS.
16. For all cleaning operations, the minimum PPE is hand gloves and safety shoes.
17. We ensure that the employees follow the site safety requirements by conducting regular inspections.
18. All workers have insurance as per UAE labour law.
19. We will arrange proper health and hygiene measures and protection of environment.
20. We will arrange proper First Aid facilities, safety and warning signs.
21. We will arrange for barricading where ever necessary.
22. We will make fencing with proper identification signs within the site for scaffolding storage, garbage storage/skips etc.
23. A responsible supervisor on site will look after the safety, health and hygiene.
24. Our supervisor will prepare an overall health and safety performance along with the monthly progress reports.